Engagement SessionMarissa & MackBlok Studio, Phoenix, AZ

Mary Claire Photography-49Mary Claire Photography-3Mary Claire Photography-45Mary Claire Photography-48Mary Claire Photography-22Mary Claire Photography-19Mary Claire Photography-52Mary Claire Photography-42Mary Claire Photography-47Mary Claire Photography-40Mary Claire Photography-44Mary Claire Photography-31Mary Claire Photography-13Mary Claire Photography-16Mary Claire Photography-14 Mary Claire Photography-51Mary Claire Photography-4 Mary Claire Photography-38 Mary Claire Photography-37Mary Claire Photography-24Mary Claire Photography-26Mary Claire Photography-28Mary Claire Photography-27Mary Claire Photography-5Mary Claire Photography-9Mary Claire Photography-34Mary Claire Photography-7 Mary Claire Photography-33Mary Claire Photography-29Mary Claire Photography-15Marissa & Mack are my dream clients. They are the reason I love what I do. I met these two a couple of years ago when I was first starting to shoot film, they modeled for a mentor session for me, which you can find here.  From that first experience grew a beautiful relationship. Marissa has supported me in my photography journey in so many ways and has truly become a friend.  She has her own photography business now and I love watching her grow and find her niche and passion. Marissa & Mack are a completely complementary pair. Marissa is gorgeous and sweet and spunky and Mack is the strong, silent type with a goofy streak. They are total foodies & love trying out new restaurants (one of my very favorite activities.) I connected with Marissa so easily because we are both introverts, foodies, Anthropologie lovers & planners. I can’t even tell you how many text  messages and Pinterest boards we sent back and forth during the months of wedding and engagement planning.  I love working with people that put so much time and energy into preparing for their photos, it makes it so much fun & so rewarding when the final product comes back. I loved Marissa’s vision for a clean, simple, high fashion look & feel. Blok Studio is an incredible backdrop because it allows the focus to be on the subject being photographed. I am all about epic backdrops in nature, but there is something transcendent in paring down distractions and allowing raw emotion and connection to drive a shoot. I connect with these images and can feel the powerful and very real love shared by Marissa & Mack. My favorite moment of the shoot is when I asked Marissa & Mack to dance. Marissa put on “Can’t help falling in love” by Ingrid Michaelson and the words and emotion and Ingrid’s hauntingly beautiful voice created a bubble that transported me into their love story for a brief moment.

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