"I realized that photography offered the perfect marriage of        and                , a combination of everything I love and value."

About the Artist

I am an Arizona native living with my husband and spirited toddler, Brady, in the beautiful desert. When I’m not busy dreaming up my next shoot or traveling for a wedding you can find me hanging with my family, making a homemade bread to accompany my cheeseboard, getting lost in a book or T.V. show or browsing my local Anthro!

From a young age stories enchanted and engulfed me. I spent hours on end reading books of every genre, always yearning for more when a story ended. In college, I studied psychology. My passion for stories led me to a fascination with human behavior. A study abroad in Paris forever changed me as my infatuation with stories and people and an intense appreciation for art came together and forced me to consider other options outside of a career in psychology. I realized that photography offered the perfect marriage of art and humanity, a combination of everything I love and value. Nothing makes me happier or more fulfilled than working with you to create and capture your story.

My photography style is organic, romantic and genuine. I use rich, bold colors to create dramatic, passionate imagery to convey the depth and heart of your relationship.



My husband proposed in front of the Eiffel Tower

Currently: Liane Moriarty books, The Greatest Showman Soundtrack, This Is Us & Goal Digger Podcast

I have a love affair with Shake Shack

My son Brady has the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen

I come from a big family and they are my favorite people

My closet is mostly neutrals, blues, and a healthy amount of stripes

My husband calls me MC, you can too!

Beverage of choice: Diet Coke straight outta the can with tons of lime

I played volleyball in high school and the cello in junior high

A few things about Mary Claire:


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