A momma, wife and photographer for true romantics.

I'm mary claire

I live in the beautiful Arizona desert with my husband & spirited children, Brady & Vivian. My family means the world to me. I hang out with my parents on the weekends, my siblings are my best friends, and I’m never happier than when surrounded with family. This deep family bond guides my love of storytelling and infuses my work with intimacy and genuine emotion. Capturing your marriage, the beginning of your new family, fills my soul and I approach your wedding day with the intent to create imagery that you and your children can look back on and cherish for generations. Your love story is once in a lifetime and deserves to be thoughtfully and artfully captured.

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my mission

Several months ago my grandmother sent a series of emails over a two week span with photographs and snippets from memories she wrote down about my grandfather. He died when I was 4 years old and as these images and stories flooded my inbox I found myself checking every hour for the next update. In those pictures and words I found myself inspired and moved by this man I never got to know but who I am forever connected to. I’ve always been a word person, a reader, but I realized that the images my grandmother sent along with each paragraph brought the memories to life and grounded them in reality in a way that words alone could not do. And this, this is my mission. To create imagery that connects you to each other, to your families and to the generations of family to come because you chose to join your lives together. I intentionally capture and create timeless imagery filled with emotion and love, the heart of your relationship. 

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Motherhood has taught me how quickly time passes and how important it is to preserve memories for my children. When I bought my first film camera, I started taking self portraits to experiment with film. Over the last 7 years, I document my life and family through these images. It allows me to be the photographer and the subject and I love looking through and reminiscing on many phases of life.

Like me, you want to preserve fleeting moments.

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