Four Seasons Wedding Shoot – Scottsdale Arizona

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It was incredible dreaming up this shoot with Lara of Sealed With A Kiss Events! She moved here

recently from California and I love her unique style and fabulous planning abilities! The Four

Seasons in Scottsdale was the perfect backdrop, it’s one of my favorite wedding venues in Arizona!

With it’s incredible desert views and cool adobe architecture it can be customized to make your

personal wedding vision come to life.  For this shoot, Lara combined modern and romantic elements.

The monochromatic gray tablescape and velvet linen juxtaposed with pink dramatic florals to create

an intimate and beautiful atmosphere.  We had an unexpected and wild rainstorm the day of the

shoot which was kind of amazing because it was much more like a real wedding day, with the

necessity to improvise in order to still come up with amazing photos in rough weather! Our models

Elizabeth and Caleb were such troopers, we ran out into the rain for about 15 minutes and got

some really cool moody shots. The gown designed by Chantel Lauren is one of my favorites,

it’s so classic and the train and low back add the perfect wow factor. Overall I love the idea that

this shoot can inspire brides to not be afraid of oversized, gorgeous floral arrangements &

 modern color combinations, to embrace whatever weather may come on their wedding day!


Photography: Mary Claire Photography

Planning: Sealed With A Kiss Events

Hair and Makeup: Andrea Sanchez Makeup

Florals: Carte Blanche

Ring: Trumpet & Horn

Ring Box: The Mrs. Box

Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes

Dress: Chantel Lauren Designs

Linen: La Tavola Linens

Menus: Foil and Ink

Film Lab: Photovision

Phoenix Arizona Mentor Session

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I absolutely love the opportunity to teach other photographers about film. I have been so lucky

to have amazing mentors throughout my film journey and it’s surreal and incredible to pass the

love I have for this medium on to others! Brittany and I met up at The Farm for a couple of hours

to discuss metering, different film stocks, shooting film in low light and at weddings, etc. before

heading over to South Mountain for a styled shoot and an opportunity for hands on film shooting!

I have two medium format film cameras which allows for people I teach to use one even if they

haven’t taken the plunge and purchased a camera of their own! Nothing compares to hands on

learning when it comes to film, especially with metering. It is also so empowering to get back your

first rolls of film back from the lab and see the results and how doable it really is! That’s one of my

favorite parts of shooting film, it’s such a rush to get film scans back in my inbox and see the fruits

of my hard work. I am always blown away by the incredible color, texture, and detail that film provides.

For this shoot I wanted the bouquet and ribbon to be bold and colorful to contrast with the soft desert

backdrop. Jami of Posies Floral created a gorgeous bouquet full of unique texture.  Ashley stunned

in a beaded Truvelle gown and her soft hair and makeup by Diana Dawn were elegant and understated

in the most beautiful way. I love the gorgeous rock formations at South Mountain and the visual

interest they add. Brittany was so fun to hang out with and teach, she did such a fabulous job on

her first film shoot and I cannot wait to watch her journey with film over the next few years!

I really discovered that I have a major heart for teaching, especially 1 on 1, it provides such an

intimate opportunity and really allows me to tailor the session. Shoot me an email if you are

interested in learning more about photography, film, running your own business, wedding

photography, etc. and I can tell you more about what I offer for mentoring!


Florals: Posies Floral

Gown: Truvelle from Bella Lily Bridal

Hair and Makeup: Diana Dawn

Ribbons: Silk & Willow

Invitation: Foil and Ink

Sara & JasonSassi Wedding – Scottsdale Arizona

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Sara and Jason’s wedding day was full of love and beauty and Sassi was the perfect backdrop with stunning Pinnacle Peak mountain views. I love how the ceremony location backs right up onto the dreamy desert scenery. Sara and Jason were married under the most beautiful chuppah with beautiful floral styling by Rita’s Floral Designs. Sara’s wedding vision came to life in the loveliest way. The neutral, organic floral design created a classic yet fresh feel. One of sweetest moments was when Sara and Jason’s dogs were brought for a few darling family photos. Sara also had the amazing idea of having a photo of her perfume that she could hang in her home. I loved having this vision in mind as I photographed the wedding details that she took great effort to curate. Throughout the evening I was struck by how focused Sara and Jason were on each other. Their wedding day truly was a celebration of their love and willingness to commit to a life together. They are smart, sweet, beautiful people who also use their time and talents to bless others in many ways including some really cool humanitarian efforts. I feel so lucky to get these glimpses into these most intimate moments. I leave every wedding feeling inspired by the incredible couples I get to spend time with and their unique and beautiful marriages.

Amazing Vendors:

Venue: Sassi Weddings

Florals: Rita’s Floral Designs

Hair and Makeup: Ashley Doran

Video: Cineprose

Ribbon: Silk and Willow

Springs Preserve Wedding – Las VegasVanessa & Kris

Mary Claire Photography-23

We were so honored to have Vanessa & Kris’s gorgeous wedding featured on Magnolia Rouge! Vanessa & Kris were an absolute blast to photograph, they are constantly smiling and laughing together and it is very clear that they are best friends. From the beautiful bride: “I knew exactly what style of dress I wanted and found it right away. I also wore a flower crown during the reception part of the wedding. I picked out every single decoration for the wedding. From the string lighting, to the hand made wood signs and flowers. I had a lot of different ideas and just blended them together. The flowers were one of my favourites. They had peonies (my favourite) to garden roses that matched our wedding colours. I also loved our cake table. It was definitely one of my favourite details.  It was so simple but absolutely gorgeous .I kept finding myself starting at the cake table that night. Not to mention the cake was amazing as well! I loved our wedding.  It turned out better than I ever imagined. One of my favourite parts that day was walking down the aisle. I still get chills when I think about it.  With the music playing, and being surrounded by your most loved friends and family, it is so unreal. I was just in that moment with my dad and couldn’t help but cry the whole way down.  If I had one piece of advice to brides out there, it’s to enjoy yourself. Wedding planning can be very stressful, so day of just sit back and relax. Be with your partner and just have fun. It goes by so fast! So take a step back and just soak it all in.

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AMAZING Vendors: