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Phoenix Arizona Mentor Session

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I absolutely love the opportunity to teach other photographers about film. I have been so lucky to have amazing mentors throughout my film journey and it’s surreal and incredible to pass the love I have for this medium on to others! Brittany and I met up at The Farm for a couple of hours to discuss metering, different film stocks, shooting film in low light and at weddings, etc. before heading over to South Mountain for a styled shoot and an opportunity for hands on film shooting! I have two medium format film cameras which allows for people I teach to use one even if they haven’t taken the plunge and purchased a camera of their own! Nothing compares to hands on learning when it comes to film, especially with metering. It is also so empowering to get back your first rolls of film back from the lab and see the results and how doable it really is! That’s one of my favorite parts of shooting film, it’s such a rush to get film scans back in my inbox and see the fruits of my hard work. I am always blown away by the incredible color, texture, and detail that film provides. For this shoot I wanted the bouquet and ribbon to be bold and colorful to contrast with the soft desert backdrop. Jami of Posies Floral created a gorgeous bouquet full of unique texture.  Ashley stunned in a beaded Truvelle gown and her soft hair and makeup by Diana Dawn were elegant and understated in the most beautiful way. I love the gorgeous rock formations at South Mountain and the visual interest they add. Brittany was so fun to hang out with and teach, she did such a fabulous job on her first film shoot and I cannot wait to watch her journey with film over the next few years! I really discovered that I have a major heart for teaching, especially 1 on 1, it provides such an intimate opportunity and really allows me to tailor the session. Shoot me an email if you are interested in learning more about photography, film, running your own business, wedding photography, etc. and I can tell you more about what I offer for mentoring!


Florals: Posies Floral

Gown: Truvelle from Bella Lily Bridal

Hair and Makeup: Diana Dawn

Ribbons: Silk & Willow

Invitation: Foil and Ink

-Mary Claire

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