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Utah Wedding Photographer//Moody, Organic Bridal Inspiration

We were inspired by the transition from fall to winter. The time when the fallen leaves are frosted by the first bits of

snow and cold. The mix of warm golden hues with the icy tones of the colder months created visual interest and mood.

The table set up on the rock gave us a natural, organic feel and the the bare rock provided the perfect background

to make the details pop. ¬†We love the idea of utilizing calligraphy to personalize a bride’s wedding day, whether it be a

beautiful ribbon with a favorite quote or a handwritten print it creates a personal touch that is both sweet and

visually appealing. Ultimately this shoot is meant to represent and inspire a bride with a love for the organic and the

literary, who appreciates neutral tones and wild, loosely arranged florals.

Mary Claire Photography-27

Mary Claire Photography

Mary Claire Photography-36
Mary Claire Photography-34

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-Mary Claire

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