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Phoenix Wedding Photographer//Gilbert Temple//Lexi & Braden

Today I was re-reading Jose Villa’s book and a line stood out to me so strongly, as it is what I strive for in my wedding

photography: “The combination of fine art and real life, a stylized representation of [a] clients’ special day in carefully

shaped imagery.” I love the idea of capturing more than just snapshots of a wedding day.  I yearn to craft an artistic and

personal story, to represent a bride and groom through details, posed & candid moments, & their family and friends,

in an artful, deep, and thoughtful manner.  The moment a couple first greets their loved ones as husband and wife;  the way a

mother looks up proudly at her son, the groom;  friends and family with tears streaming down their faces as they watch the

daddy daughter dance; every flower and prop and detail handpicked by a bride and her mother. Those moments are what

weddings are made of and this wedding, Lexi & Braden’s, is very special to me as I had the chance to spend time with and

grow to love these two through our engagement & bridal session & finally their wedding day.   I couldn’t be happier

for them or more sure of their beautiful future.

Florals: Posies Floral

Event Design: Kristy Overson & SS Event Design

Mary Claire Photography

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-Mary Claire
  1. Leah says:

    I absolutely LOVE this bride and groom’s look and style. What a beautiful celebration! I would love to have them be models in an upcoming photoshoot I am putting together. If you’re still in contact with this bride and groom, could you pass along the message and my contact information? If it’s not too much trouble. Thanks so much!! 🙂 Absolutely stunning images.

  2. Becky says:

    Simply beautiful!

  3. Becky Egbert Hinckley says:


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