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Camille & Cole’s day was the epitome of southern charm. When I arrived to Alabama, I was not treated like their photographer, but like their family. That kind of warmth, love & hospitality radiated throughout the entire weekend.

Wild flowers with soft hues of lavender & cream were the perfect backdrop for this southern romantic wedding. Camille’s fairy tale came to life with details like a six-layer designer cake, a white stallion & a red convertible exit car.

I was blown away by the style & sophistication of this Alabama wedding. The element that stuck though, that made this wedding one for the books, was the sweet, powerful, incredible love these people have for each other and for God.

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It was the most perfect day.

Florals: Rebekah Fowler Miller

-Mary Claire
  1. Holland says:

    Perfection, my dear. Perfection. :-*

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