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For a year and a half, Scott’s roommate would tell him about his little sister. It seemed like a long-shot back then, but when Shannon & Scott met, they connected. They were each exactly what the other had always dreamed of finding. Falling for each other was easy. Scott is high-energy and outgoing. Shannon is smart and sophisticated… They compliment each other perfectly.

Why Scott fell for Shannon

“Shannon is light. She is goodness. She is peace. She is love. She’s everything I could ever want in a wife and best friend. She lifts me up and makes me want to be better. I wouldn’t change a thing about her. Falling in love with her was one of the easiest things I’ve ever done. How I’ve managed to hold on to her… I will never know. “

Why Shannon fell for Scott

“His smile. His voice. His dimples. His laugh. His goodness and light. How he brings out the weird in me and makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. His hugs. His never ending kindness and selflessness. How is his constantly making me laugh. How he looks at me. How me makes me happier than anyone ever has. How he makes me want to be the best version of myself.”

This couple is particularly special for me to photograph because they are my family now. I love these people.

Their classic beauty and style comes across flawlessly against the backdrop of Utah Lake. 2015-11-16_00142015-11-16_00222015-11-16_00172015-11-16_0015 2015-11-16_0018 2015-11-16_0019 2015-11-16_0020 2015-11-16_00212015-11-16_00392015-11-16_00162015-11-16_00232015-11-16_00492015-11-16_0024 2015-11-16_0025 2015-11-16_0026 2015-11-16_0027 2015-11-16_0028 2015-11-16_0029 2015-11-16_0030 2015-11-16_0031 2015-11-16_0032 2015-11-16_0033 2015-11-16_0034 2015-11-16_0035 2015-11-16_0036 2015-11-16_0037 2015-11-16_0038 2015-11-16_0040 2015-11-16_0041 2015-11-16_0042 2015-11-16_0045

2015-11-16_0048 2015-11-16_00522015-11-16_0050 2015-11-16_00512015-11-16_00432015-11-16_0044


-Mary Claire
  1. Scott Hollingshead says:

    Thank you thank you, MC! These pictures are such a treasure to us, and your post reminded me of how lucky I am. Thank you!

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